Welcome to Sløvika Camping

Sl�vika Camping 1.jpgSløvika Camping is idyllical placed at Randsfjorden close to a farm called Gunstad, about 6 km north of Jevnaker Centre and Hadeland Glassverk.

We have around 90 regular guests i caravans. We offer enough additional space for other gueste vith caravans, campers or tents. In addition we have 6 simple standard cabins with one single room where 2 - 4 people can stay. They do not have water installed but are otherwise fully equipped. A modern sanitary installation is located close to the cabins. There is also a small kitchen where you can use cooking plates, a microwave and do your dishes.

There is also an apartment under the reception with one bedroom, one combined bedroom and living room, kitchen and a bathroom where 8 people can stay.

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Sløvika Camping
Tlf: 61 31 55 80